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Behavioural Science

This Week’s Topic This week’s topic for discussion, suggested by Pravin, is ‘Bahavioural Science’. I confess, it’s a topic about which I know very little. So here’s my take, for what it’s worth. Take Two Friends I’m using as an example, two fictional friends named Jennifer and Rachel. They grew up in a small town somewhere in the English speaking world. When the two girls reached their early twenties, they were ready to get married. Jennifer married Michael, a local boy whom she’d been dating. The two were very comfortable together and they enjoyed continuing to live in the same community after marriage. Rachel fell in love with John, a young man who worked in the local bank. However, John was only working in the local bank temporarily. He was from a small town on the other side of the country. After a year, he was sent back to his own town. Not wishing to be separated, he and Rachel got married quickly and she accompanied him back to his own town. The Story Continues When Rachel went back…

Kipling Got it Wrong! Or Eastern and Western Culture - Reflections

What Is Culture?
I’m opening this blog post with a question. What is that elusive concept which is commonly known as ‘culture? Culture is way of life. How we live. What our values are.  Our customs, attitudes and perceptions. And also, I suppose, how we express ourselves in art through, such as music, dance, theatre and cinema.  It’s quite a comprehensive area and not too easy to define, really.

The Journey
I was born in what is commonly known as ‘the west’. I lived in Ireland for the first thirty years of my life. When I was thirty, I married my husband and came out to India to live here with him. That was the beginning of an interesting journey, which is still evolving. I must have had some east/west comparison stereotypes in my head. But in India, I found that the people I met had huge stereotypes in their heads about what they called ‘western culture’ and ‘western way of life’. Not long after I arrived in India, I was struck by the number of people who said things to me like ‘in the …